How to Use a Toggle Control

A toggling control is a type of button that lets you switch between two states with a single click. To use a toggling control, simply choose which state you’d like to toggle between and click the toggling button. Toggling controls are also used on mobile devices and desktop applications. Learn how to use a toggle button and get the most out of it! You can learn this word and its meaning by exploring some of the examples below.

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Color is an important visual signifier for toggles. Choose a high contrast color if you want people to easily distinguish between on and off states. Low contrast colors are less noticeable and may be difficult to identify. Red may be counterintuitive for some, but it signals a state change and is therefore a good color choice for toggles. You can also use a state descriptor such as a light blue or red to give users a clear view of a system’s status.

Toggle refers to hardware and software switching. For example, keyboard keys function as toggles for specific functions. The Caps Lock key, for example, turns on the Caps Lock feature when pressed once, while the Num Lock key turns it off when pressed twice. The same concept works in software. Most applications include an options menu with toggles for different settings. Toggle allows users to turn specific menu items on and off as desired.