What Is a Toggle?

The word “Togle” is an uncommon noun and verb that means “to switch” or “to switch.” It’s most commonly used to refer to the process of switching between different applications on a computer. For example, a person who uses Microsoft Windows can toggle between open applications using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab. But it’s also used to describe switching between different settings and options. This article explores the many uses of this word and what it means to companies.

Toggling is a useful term for the process of switching between two states. This is particularly helpful in the computer, where it’s useful for navigating from one program to another. Toggling devices can be either hardware or software, but most commonly, they’re used to switch between two or more programs. In a computer, toggling can be activated by pressing a button and deactivated by pressing a simple combination of keys. This makes them very convenient for changing between software applications and settings.

In computing, a toggle switch refers to a switch with only two possible outcomes. The term is often used to refer to a keyboard key; the Caps Lock key turns on the Caps Lock feature, while the Num Lock key turns off the Num Lock function. Toggle switches work the same way in software, where they can be used to turn specific menu items on and off.