How to Use Togle

Togle is a technology term that describes a feature that allows you to switch between two states with a single click. It can be useful in many different applications, from invoice printing to switching apps. It is free to download and works on almost any device. To learn how to use Togle, check out our article below!

Togle’s goal is to help you automate your everyday micro-routines, such as turning on a pump when the water in the tank gets low to turning on the TV before you go to bed. Togle’s platform connects a variety of devices and applications that all work together to complete the task. The technology makes it possible to eliminate multiple applications and random device control.

Toggling is a term that is used to describe the process of changing between programs or settings. If you use Microsoft Windows, you can toggle between applications by pressing the keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab. In other cases, toggling a computer’s settings is a matter of turning a switch. It is important to note that Togle can also be a figurative term, as the word originally referred to a type of fastener.

Toggles can be hardware or software. For example, the Caps Lock key on a computer turns on the Caps Lock feature and turns off the Num Lock function. Toggle switches are also found in software, such as software options menus. These settings allow you to turn on and off specific menu items without using the mouse.