Togle Review – A Convenient Way to Keep Track of Time on the Go

Togle is a no frills, albeit well implemented, time tracking software that does the job. The app is free for non-commercial use and is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Using the app, you can track your activity in four distinct ways. You can either set up a schedule or manually insert time into the system. In addition, you can choose to share your progress with other users or even export your data in various formats. Aside from the usual suspects, toggl is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. This makes it a convenient way to keep track of time on the go.

For beginners, the app is a cinch to master. For the more seasoned, toggling a cursor to various activities is not that hard. Once you have set up a timer, the app is easy to use. If you need to go back and forth between different activities, you can easily toggle between the two using a handy menu. Likewise, you can opt to manually add time to a task or manually adjust your progress.

Despite the fact that this app is free, it has features that are bound to appeal to even the most budget-conscious of shoppers. It offers a wide range of time tracking options, allowing you to track your daily activities as well as your weekly or monthly efforts. While this might seem like a daunting task, toggl is designed to make this as easy as possible.

One of the sexiest features is the ability to toggle between the app and your browser. Another useful function is the fact that you can customize your own report. Moreover, you can apply filters to tweak and refine your results. As for the user interface, toggl is highly intuitive and resembles a desktop version of your favorite spreadsheet application.

Toggl also has a slew of features that you’re unlikely to see in other time tracking apps. For example, toggl is designed to alert you of any idle time. Unlike other programs, toggl can be configured to detect when you’re doing something other than work. It also boasts a built in timer and an impressive array of reports. Having the timer on your side is a lifesaver.

Other features include the ability to customize your own reports, as well as sharing your progress with other toggl users or the world. Not only are toggl’s capabilities impressive, they are free for beginners, allowing you to get started without breaking the bank. With the amount of information you’re gathering and sharing each day, it’s important to have a system in place to make sure you never miss a beat. By implementing a system such as toggl, you can rest assured you’re on track for success. Whether you’re looking for a time management solution for your team or a way to track your own progress, toggl will get the job done. After all, you deserve to be able to spend more time on your masterpieces and less on your commuting.